Business Loans Explained

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Business loans offer access to credit which can be paid back over an agreed period of time plus interest.

Some financial providers specialise in business finance solutions – offering start-up business loans for new businesses or short term business cash advances designed to be paid back over a period of months rather than years. Traditional lenders, like banks, typically offer fixed term loans with a minimum term of 1 year and often lasting for 3 or 4 years. In many cases, the business may be tied in to the term and required to pay interest for the full term even if the loan has been paid off early.


Benefits of a Business Loan

Whether you run a small business or a large company, business loans can offer a finance solution to fill a cash flow gap, fund expansion plans or manage day to day expenses. Some business finance solutions are designed for start-ups, offering funding to entrepreneurs to establish new businesses. However every business may at some point need business credit to grow, or to help with cash flow if there is a shortfall due to a late payment from a customer or unforeseen expense.

With so many business finance solutions now on the market, it’s important that when considering any future business plans, businesses should always think carefully before committing to any form of credit.


Applying for Business Credit

There are many sources of business loans which have advantages and disadvantages. The traditional banks may offer small businesses the ability to raise funds which can be paid back over a number of years. They may require businesses to produce written business plans, marketing plans, budgets, forecasts -this process may often be time consuming.

Applications for online business loans may also be lengthy and complex as some banks may require verification of various details before a business loan can be offered and may also want some form of security. In an uncertain economic climate it’s become even harder for businesses to get business credit through the more traditional finance routes.


Everline business loans

At Everline we offer an alternative to a traditional bank loan by providing a flexible, convenient source of credit to entrepreneurs looking to expand their business, manage working capital or fill a cash gap.  We offer short term loans of up to £120,000 and if your loan has been approved, we will send the funds within one hour.

You decide how much cash your business needs and how many months you want it for using the simple sliders on the ‘Get a quote’ page. You can see exactly what the monthly instalments are and the total cost for the term selected.

Our service isn’t designed to help your business repay or manage existing debt, so please don’t apply for a loan unless you’re sure the business can comfortably make the monthly repayments. If you miss a repayment, a default fee is charged and it may affect the credit rating of your business.

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