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Frequently asked questions

  • What do I need to apply for an Everline loan?

    We accept all types of businesses. If you are a Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership, or a Sole Trader you are welcomed here.

    Each director or partner of the business needs to be over 18, and a UK resident. Your business also needs to have a business debit card attached to the main business bank account.

    Your business will also need to have been operating and actively trading for at least 12 months in the UK with an annual turnover of at least £100,000.

    In addition we will need you to provide us with one of the following:

    • Business bank account: Either link us up electronically or call us for another option.
    • VAT payment history: Last five quarters of VAT statements uploaded or linked.

    In addition, you will need to provide us with the business or personal debit card. We use this for automatic billing and you will be asked to provide a personal guarantee for the business loan. In some cases where there are multiple owners we may ask for personal guarantees from multiple owners.

    To give your business the best chance of being accepted, make sure you give us as much information as possible and ensure it is accurate when you apply.

  • Do you require a credit check?

    Yes, we carry out a credit check on the business and the owners partners or directors of the business as part of our automated decision making process.

    We are only interested in lending to businesses we believe can comfortably afford to repay according to the billing schedule so make sure an Everline loan is suitable for your business before applying.

    For full details on how we share information with credit reference agencies, please see our privacy policy

  • How does Everline work?

    We took a fresh look at business loans, and developed our service to make everything simple and transparent. You can use our online sliders to select the amount you need and the period you need it for. You’ll be able to see all the costs upfront and know exactly what you’ll repay.

    Simple to arrange – with all costs shown up front

  • Is the loan secured?

    We provide an unsecured loan, which means that we don’t require any physical collateral. We don’t ask you to provide an asset as security, but we do ask for a personal guarantee from a majority ownership / directors of the business.

  • How much can my business borrow?

    You can apply for £3,000 – £120,000.

    When you complete your online application we will make you a funding offer by sending you an email. You will receive a link that will direct you to our ‘Get Cash’ page. Here you will see a slider which will let you choose exactly the amount you want up to the amount we offered you.

    You will see a clear repayment schedule which will include your total loan costs as well as monthly amounts due. You are free to pay early anytime as there are no early repayment penalties. This will save you on interest costs.

  • What does an Everline business loan cost?

    Our interest rate varies between 1.6% – 2.50%* per month on the remaining loan balance and we currently offer a 24 month loan term, meaning you will be responsible to pay back your principle in 24 equal monthly repayment, plus interest on the outstanding amount. This equates to a yearly actual interest cost of between 21-34.5%. A one-time set up fee of 3.5-5% is typically charged upon issuance of the loan with the cost distributed across the repayments.

    If the business’s circumstances change and the loan can be repaid earlier than expected, you may be able to save money. The business can repay early in full or in part at any time at no extra charge, and interest will only be charged for the number of days that you borrow the money and only on the remaining principal balance.

    *In certain circumstances businesses with a higher than normal risk profile may be offered an interest rate of up to 5.85% a month and a set up fee up to 7% as an alternative to declining the loan application.

  • How do I repay?

    Just ensure the required cash is in the main business bank account (or personal bank account for sole traders) on the day the repayment is due.

    Repayments are made once a month by continuous payment authority using your business debit card (or personal debit card in the case of a sole trader).

    If we can’t collect the amount you owe at first, we may make further attempts to collect your repayment using the debit card we have on file for you.

    The business can repay early in full or in part at any time at no extra charge, and interest will only be charged for the days and on the outstanding principal balance when you borrow the money.

    To make early repayments visit your dashboard and follow the instructions

  • Can I repay the loan early?

    Yes, and we encourage you to pay early because you will save on interest costs. We do not charge any early repayment fee so paying early helps you.

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